NES Works Volume I and II

The only reason I'm buying anything collectible anymore is to ensure that whatever I get can be shared with others. While I'm still in the process of donating my collection, I can still loan out artifacts for various projects such as the Capcom Disney Afternoon (boxes, manuals, and documentation) and one of my favorites, Jeremy Parish's NES Works.

If you haven't seen it, Jeremy is documenting each NES release chronologically in a YouTube video series and then using that work to produce gorgeous hardcover books that cover each year. My contribution in this case were the first two years of Famicom releases (supplemental material in the book) and a few of the rarer boxes and manuals. 

I highly recommend these books for any collector, available at Fangamer, and why not support Jeremy's work on Pateron as well? 

It's great to see my collection put to use in educating and sharing information with others. Have a project where you need some source material? Reach out and perhaps I can help.